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As an Nlp Transformative SuperCoach and Seta Accredited “Heal Your Life” workshop Leader, Facilitator, Study Course Teacher & Practitioner .. Here is a little bit about my ideas:

There is no need for you to struggle on your own. Life is not meant to be difficult or unbearable. You are not meant to suffer.

Your life is meant to be full of love, fun, joy and laughter!!

I believe that everyone needs a coach. Someone to guide them, to support them, to offer alternatives and tools to use in your daily life. Someone who can offer you direction, focus and vision.

A ‘cheerleader’, someone who has your interests at heart. Someone who believes in you; whether it be relationships, career, health, money, anxiety, depression, or self-worth  ...

I can help you to believe in yourself, to follow your dream, to make the changes you need to make to make you the best you that you can be!!   You can do it. You do matter. You deserve a great life!

Through our sessions I will create and customize a unique program to help you in specific life areas such as relationship, health, money, career, purpose and self-worth and acceptance!

I believe, given the right conditions, that everyone has the power to change and grow towards their true unique potential

Life is really simple: what we give, we get back, what we think about us and about our lives, becomes our truth ... we are the only ones responsible for our lives.  How we think and the words we use create our experiences of life !

I am passionate about sharing these ideas with you. I will teach you many tools and techniques which will help lead you to a new level of understanding of yourself and your life! "We are what we think," said Louise Hay. How we thought so far has created the life we ​​currently have. If we want a different life, if we want another reality, we only need to change our way of thinking! 

In my one to one sessions, I offer a safe space where we can meet to explore your journey. This may be looking at past issues to dissolve angers and resentments and/ or looking at future goals and directions about which you would like some clarity. I am excited to be able to work with you. I believe that on a one on one level we all know where we are heading in life and I’d love to be a part of empowering you to discover this for yourself.

In the workshops, I find the energy of the group and safe, confidential sharing can encourage shifts in our thinking bringing about the change we are looking for.

Please do get in touch if you feel that I could support you on your journey – I would love to work with you.

I work with people all over the world via skype so please do not let your location present a barrier to seeking out support

"We Rise By Lifting Others!"
Women's Day Addition

It was Indeed An Honor And A Privilege to Express Our Purpose As A Voice For The SuperCoach Familia Today💕 I am Humbled to Have Been Awarded and Afforded The Opportunity To Inform The World About The Power Of NLP😎 I Wish All you Amazing Women Well on Your Journey and DARE You To Go Beyond Mediocrity & Conquer All Your Endeavours 🙏💃 Love You All😘

Inspiration at its best.. Phenomenal Positive Life Changing Advice, Prolific speaker at Wcoe seminar

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Stay away from people
who make you feel
like you are hard to love


There is no limit to
what we as a women
can accomplish


you cannot heal in the same
environment where
you got sick


our thinking creates problems
that the same type of thinking
will not solve


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